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Yuuhi Romance Manga by Haruaki Katou

Categories:Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shounen
Info:1 Volumes, 11 Chapters, 192 Pages
Manga scans by:SCX-Scans
Series Brief Review
Yuu is famous for having an extreme brother complex. In reality, she has emotions for her little brother, Hiro, which have far exceeded a normal sisterly love. A little complicated family love comedy from the author of "Hyakko." This is a story of forbidden love with an older sister, a younger brother and their half sibling Tomo as well.

Volume 1

Yuuhi Romance Manga » Volume 1
  1. Yuuhi Romance
  2. Continue Of Yuuhi Romance
  3. Yuuhi Romance In The Dream
  4. Yuuhi Romance Memorial
  5. Yuuhi Romance 3rd Try
  6. Yuuhi Romance Versus Invader
  7. Yuuhi Romance And Friend
  8. Girl Meets Yuuhi Romance
  9. Yuuhi Romance. The Last Sunset
  10. Extra
  11. Yuuhi Romance 4 Blocks

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